Window Accent Options

Solid Colors and Interior Woodgrains

Window World Windows are available in white or beige with an optional American Brown exterior, or in beige with a white woodgrain interior (6000 Series only). Enhance the interior with a cherry, foxwood, dark oak, or light oak woodgrain.

Colors and Woodgrain Options on a window

Interior Grids

Window grids are available in matching white or beige in the standard configuration of Colonial, Diamond, Prairie, and Double Prairie patterns. Contoured Colonial grids are available in complementary colors and matching woodgrains. Also available is a narrow Colonial grid pattern in a bright brass finish.

Interior Grids on a window

Cut Glass

Window World Windows are also available in a wide selection of grooved glass patterns. These designs are perfect for adding that touch of elegance to any window, and they won’t obstruct the view either.

Cut Glass window

*Up to 48″ x 84″. Double paned.
**See Window World for additional cut glass options.