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How do I know if I need to replace my windows?

Watch the video below to learn more about the top 6 surefire signs that your windows need to be replaced.

What do I do if I have problems with my new windows?

Experiencing problems with your replacement windows? Most issues can be quickly resolved using our videos and guides found on our Virtual Help Center page. These resources address some of the most common questions we receive. If you need further assistance, feel free to contact our showroom during normal business hours.

Will replacement windows increase the value of my home?

Yes. Updating your old windows with brand new Window World replacement windows helps raise the value of your home for a high return on investment.

What Window World replacement window styles are offered?

We’re proud to offer such a diverse selection of window styles for our customers. Whether you’re looking for easy-to-use functionalities, curb appeal or extended glass space, we have the style for you. Explore our window options and discover the best fit for your space.

Are vinyl windows the best option for my home?

As a homeowner, it’s critical to choose a product that can withstand outdoor elements. That’s why we craft our windows using durable, vinyl frames. Vinyl is great for standing strong against harsh weather conditions; plus, it is virtually maintenance-free for an easy clean. The combination of functionality, beauty and affordability makes vinyl windows a popular choice for homeowners everywhere.

Do you repair window screens or broken windows?

No. Window World does not provide repair or replacement services for window screens or broken window glass. (If you are a Window World customer, please contact us to discuss your product warranty.)


Can I customize my Window World replacement door?

Yes. Window World makes it simple to personalize your entryway. We offer a large selection of color options, glass designs and door styles to match your home and individual taste. Explore our door options to customize your home’s look.

Will my replacement door be energy efficient?

Yes. Our replacement doors offer excellent thermal insulation to keep your home consistently comfortable throughout the year. Crafted with superior weatherstripping and Low-E glass, our energy-efficient doors retain heat in the cooler months and reflect it in warmer months.

What functionalities can I expect with my new Window World door?

Window World offers a large selection of replacement door options. Some styles open outward while other styles glide left to right for a simple open and close. With every door style, you can expect easy-to-use functionalities for everyday use.


Is Window World replacement siding energy efficient?

Yes. Window World is proud to offer insulated vinyl siding that will help reduce the cost of your monthly energy bill while adding stunning curb appeal to your home. Browse our energy-efficient siding products and find the right series for your home.

Is Window World replacement siding weather resistant?

Yes. Our replacement vinyl siding series are all low maintenance, yet strong enough to weather the harshest of storms. Crafted with thick panels and advanced lock designs, our siding provides superior holding power, keeping it tight on walls—even in extreme winds.

What material is used for Window World replacement siding?

Our replacement siding is engineered with the highest performing vinyl, plus insulation. Vinyl siding protects your home, keeping it beautiful for a lifetime.

Is Window World siding offered in different color options?

Yes. Our replacement siding is offered in a variety of eye-catching colors. Explore our vast selection of siding series and color options and select which color best suits your home.


When is the best time to replace my windows, doors or siding?

While spring and fall are the most popular seasons for home improvement, Window World provides replacement services throughout the year. In fact, Window World provides cold weather installation during the winter months.

How long will it take to get my replacement windows, doors or siding installed?

Most installations will be completed in as little as one day. On the day of your installation, we’ll quickly and carefully replace your old products with your new windows, doors or siding. Once installed, we’ll provide a final clean up before reviewing the finished product with you.

How do I prepare my home for installation?

On the day of your installation, it’s important to prep your space. A few things to remember:

  • Remove furniture from the window or door that is being replaced.
  • Keep small children or pets away from the job site
  • Ensure a homeowner is on-site to answer any questions or concerns

For any further questions, contact us today.

Will my installer be professionally trained?

Yes. When it comes to installing your new windows, doors or siding, our factory-trained installers are here to ensure you receive the most flawless installation possible.

Can I purchase windows from Window World and install them myself?

No. We do not sell windows for self-installation. Our professional installation process is part of our award-winning product. Watch the video below for more information about why we include installation with your purchase.


How can I pay for my new windows, doors and siding?

Enjoy your new replacement products when you want them with our flexible financing options. Your Window World expert will work with you to find the best payment plan for your project.

How much do Window World’s replacement windows, doors and siding cost?

The price of your replacement products will be determined during your free in-home estimate. Because each project is custom, we are unable to give specific pricing information over the phone or online.

Does Window World offer any promos or offers?

Yes. With Window World, you don’t have to wait to renovate your home. With our special offers, replacing your windows, doors or siding has never been more affordable. Learn more about our special offers on our pricing page.


Do the windows, doors and siding come with a warranty?

Yes. When you purchase our products, you’re getting much more than new windows, doors and siding. Just as important, you get the peace of mind that we’ll stand behind our products with our best-in-class lifetime warranty.

Can I expect energy savings with my new windows, doors and siding?

Yes. The energy-efficient properties in our replacement products can reduce your energy bills, keeping your home comfortable year-round. Learn more about our energy-efficient windows in the video below.

How much will I save with energy-efficient windows, doors and siding?

Determine your predicted savings by using our savings calculator found on our energy efficiency page.

What happens during my free in-home estimate?

We’ll send a Window World professional out to your residence to discuss the best replacement options to fit your budget as well as your style. From product demonstrations to energy-efficient opportunities, our expert will take the time to ensure all your questions are answered.

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