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5 Ways to Brighten a Dark Living Room in Winter

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In winter, gathering takes on new meaning. We gather for warmth and camaraderie during what can be a cold, lonely season. We gather around fireplaces and brightly lit trees and tables laden with festive food and drink. And most often, these gatherings take place in the living room, where you and your friends and family can lounge comfortably. But even when others aren’t around to brighten your home and spirit, you can enjoy warmth and comfort in your living room all winter long with these simple, budget-friendly tips.

1. Lay Down An Area Rug

Area rugs are a great option for diversifying the color and texture of a room. Softening your flooring adds warmth, making a room more comfortable for walking and floor seating. Further the warm and fuzzy feeling by selecting a rug in calming, light or bright colors; straw, cream, pale or sunny yellow, and even pastel pink can lift and lighten a room during dark winter days.

2. Introduce Ambient Light Sources

You can use light sources to brighten your living room, but we recommend subtler light additions, like lamps or string lights. With smaller, gentler lighting than the typically harsh overhead light sources, you can create a cozy, charming ambience that feels like a bright spot in a winter storm. Select yellow bulbs rather than white bulbs for your lamps and string lights, or place candles around the room for the ultimate luminous comfort.

3. Place Mirrors Opposite Windows

If you prefer natural light over electric lighting, try amplifying the natural light in your living room by placing large mirrors near windows. Position hanging mirrors across from lamps to bounce ambient light around the room. Mirrors are easily thrifted, so don’t worry about breaking the bank on a mirror purchase.

4. Select Light-Colored Curtains

Sheer, light-colored curtains will let natural light in and make the vibe of a room feel lighter and more lifted. They will introduce a sense of freshness to living rooms that have been closed against cold winter nights for months. Simplify your window decor by selecting curtains with minimal decoration and in lighter fabrics like linen for maximum natural light transmittance.

5. Keep Wall Art Minimal

Light can reflect off of walls more easily if it isn’t blocked by multiple wall hangings and heavy frames. But wall decor can add color to a room, so consider keeping your wall art to 3-4 pieces max, with breathing space between them. Try a tapestry or woven hanging for texture!

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