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Shopping for New Windows? Do These 7 Things

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Home improvement projects can be stressful, especially something as big as replacing your windows. From determining which windows need to be replaced to choosing the right window replacement company, it’s enough to make you put it off altogether.

Don’t worry, though! Window World is here to take the stress out of the process. In this post, our experts will guide you through the process of shopping for replacement windows. From what to look for and how to choose the right installer, here are our tips on how to choose the perfect windows for your home!

How to Select Replacement Windows For Your Home

1. Determine How Many Windows Need to be Replaced

Before replacing every window in your home, take time to examine each one to determine if it really needs to be replaced. (Although, if you know that all of your windows are older than 15-20 years, it’s safe to say that you should replace them all.)

What should you look for when deciding if a window needs to be replaced? First, look for rot, chips, cracks, and condensation. These are all sure signs that it’s time to upgrade. Drafts are another indication that your window is past its prime. Drafts mean outside air is coming in, altering the temperature of your home, and forcing your HVAC system to work harder than it needs to in order to keep your home comfortable. Replacing drafty windows will lower your electric bills, make your home more comfortable year round, and increase the value of your home. For a more in-depth window examination, you can take a cue from our installers and examine your windows like a Window World technician!

A big misconception is that if windows are hard to open, they need to be replaced. While this is true sometimes, it’s not always the case. If your windows are hard to open or close, follow these steps to clean and lubricate them. If they’re still difficult to open, it may be time to replace them.

During your consultation, your Window World representative will examine your windows to help you determine whether your windows can be repaired or if it’s time to upgrade. If your windows need to be replaced, we’ll help you choose the perfect fit for your home!

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2. Think About What You Need From Your Windows

Like anything, not all windows are created equally. Different materials, styles, and energy efficiency packages make windows a better match – or mismatch – for your home. Start by thinking about what you don’t like about your current windows. Are they outdated? Do they let in a lot of outside sound? Maybe your living room gets afternoon sun and, as a result, your curtains or furniture is faded.

Believe it or not, modern replacement windows can solve all of the problems mentioned above! We carry vinyl windows in a variety of beautiful colors and wood-look stains to match your home’s decor and if you live in a noisy area, double or triple-pane windows can drastically dampen outside sound. If your furniture, carpet, or draperies are faded from the sun, ask your Window World expert about our energy-efficient glass packages. They’ll protect your home from the sun’s damaging rays while improving the overall energy efficiency, reducing your monthly energy bills. In addition, these add-ons make our already energy-efficient vinyl windows even more effective.

Window technology has improved considerably over the past few decades, so take the time to think about what will best suit your home and your needs. During your consultation, your Window World representative will help you determine which features will solve your window woes.

3. Measure Your Windows

Now that you know what you need, it’s a good idea to measure your windows. This will help you better understand your options, and in the event that a representative can’t enter your home to measure your windows themselves, having these measurements will allow them to give you a more accurate estimate.

To measure for replacement windows, always start with the width. Place a tape measure inside the side jambs at the top, middle, and bottom. Write down these three numbers and circle the smallest one. That is the width of that window. Repeat this process with the height and depth for each window you want to replace, as shown below.

4. Explore Glass Options

Options with window glass? Yes! You have several choices when it comes to the glass, or the pane. Window World sells and installs single, double, and triple-pane windows, all of which provide different comfort levels and energy-saving benefits.

Choosing between these is (almost) as simple as thinking about the area you live in. Double-pane windows are ideal for most climates, but areas that experience harsh winters are a great match for triple-pane windows. If you live in a noisy area, you might also consider triple-pane windows because they dampen sound better than single or double-pane. Single-pane windows may be good if you live in a quiet area that experiences moderate temperatures year round.

Of course, there are always exceptions to the rules. During your consultation, your Window World representative will help you choose the right window pane thickness for your home.

5. Explore Style Options

Now to the fun part: window styles! You don’t necessarily have to stick with the same window style that your home currently has. If you have several single or double-hung windows in a row, consider replacing them with elegant bay or bow windows. In your kitchen, a garden window is a great choice for a change of scenery. And in your bathroom, awning windows allow you to get fresh air and natural light while retaining privacy. You can even create your own unique look with our custom windows!

Now is also the time to choose your window material. At Window World, we believe vinyl windows are the best on the market because they give homeowners the most bang for their buck. Their durability, energy efficiency, and customizability is unmatched, and you get it all at a price that is lower than other less efficient materials. With a variety of color options, including wood-look finishes, you can create a window that perfectly fits your home.

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6. Get a Few Quotes

Like any major purchase, you probably don’t want to go with the first company you talk to. Get quotes from a few companies and pay attention to the service you get during these consultations. If they feel pushy or leave you wondering about their credentials, it’s probably best to choose someone else. Home improvement is stressful enough, there’s no need to choose an installer that leaves you feeling uneasy!

At Window World, we have always been committed to providing outstanding customer service and high-quality, affordable replacement windows. We’re proud to have earned the Good Housekeeping Seal each year for over a decade and numerous JD Power Awards for quality and customer satisfaction. Learn more about what makes Window World America’s most trusted home improvement company.

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7. Have Your New Windows Professionally Installed

Once you’ve chosen your windows and purchased them, let the professionals handle installation! Installing windows requires specific skills and tools, so unless you’re an experienced professional yourself, it’s best to leave it to the pros. Even the highest-quality windows won’t live up to their potential if they were installed poorly.

At Window World, our installers are factory-trained and take extra steps like proper exterior caulking and interior insulation to ensure your windows are installed properly the first time. And if, for some reason, there is ever an issue with the workmanship, you can rest easy knowing your windows are covered by our lifetime warranty.

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