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Replacing Windows in Old or Historic Homes: What You Need to Know

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New Jersey has its share of older and historic homes. If you own one, you may know how difficult it is to bring it into the 21st century while retaining its historic charm.

Replacing the windows in your old/historic home with modern replacement windows is one of the best investments you can make. Our window experts are here to explain why it’s a great move and why replacing windows in an old house often is better than repairing them.

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Why Replace Windows in Old Homes?

If your home is over 50 years old and/or the windows in your home are more than 20 years old, it’s time to think about replacement windows. Even if your windows look ok, they may not be performing as well as they should. So, why should you look into replacement window options for your old house? There are quite a few reasons:

1. Most Older Homes Have Single-Pane Windows

For decades, single-pane windows were standard for most homes. Since it has just a single pane of glass, this type of window lacks insulation. Because of this, they don’t provide the energy efficiency and sound dampening that modern double and triple-pane windows have. Replacing your home’s single-pane windows with them can help lower your energy costs and keep your home temperatures more consistent and comfortable year-round.

2. Older Homes Are More Likely to Have Wooden Window Frames

Wood window frames are charming and classic, but they don’t have the longevity of modern materials. If your home has wooden window frames, they’re susceptible to irreparable rot and warping. If your home is old enough, you may already be seeing rot. It’s best to have the rotted windows removed as soon as possible to avoid having it spread.

3. Old Windows May Not Match Your Remodeled Home

If you purchased an older home with plans to remodel it, one of the first things you might realize is that the old windows don’t match your renovation plans. If you want an updated look, you’ll definitely need new replacement windows.

How to Replace Windows in an Old House

Windows in older homes often have different sized frames than most standard, modern windows. You can alter your window frames to fit them, but this brings new challenges and costs. Standard windows may also conflict with the style and color needs you have for your older home. Too much clashing here isn’t only an eyesore: it can actually bring down the value of your home, too.

For these reasons, it’s best to get custom-made windows. This way, you’ll get exactly what you need size and aesthetics-wise. This is also the best option for limiting leaks and gaps that standard windows may allow for.

How to Replace Windows in a Historic Home

Outside of just regular older-house challenges, historic homes bring unique window replacement requirements. Historic homes generally have laws and regulations they’re subject to. While these can vary based on exactly where you live, replacement windows must often fit with your home’s historic style.

Because of their energy-saving designs, affordability and style options, vinyl windows can work great with a historic home. Just be sure before getting them installed that they’re compatible with your home’s regulations. If so, a custom-fitted vinyl window can be the perfect way to modernize your home without losing any of its charm.

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How Much Does it Cost to Replace Windows in an Old House?

This is a common question, but there isn’t a straightforward answer. The cost to replace the windows in your home, especially if it’s an older home, can vary greatly.

Your cost will depend on the number of windows you need, the styles you choose and the window frame material. Wood and fiberglass tend to be the most expensive options, while vinyl is more budget-friendly (while still being effective).

Installation can also cause the price of replacement windows to vary. If your frames are in good shape and installation is straightforward, you won’t pay as much. Of course, older homes are more susceptible to having structural issues simply due to age. If those are present and interfere with your windows, installation could be more expensive.

The best way to learn how much it will cost to replace windows in your home? Request your free estimate! Our window consultants will help you determine the perfect window style and color while staying on budget.

Choose Window World of Jersey Coast for Vinyl Replacement Windows

To get the most accurate quote on replacing windows in your old or historic home, call Window World of Jersey Coast. Our home improvement experts will help you preserve your home’s charm while optimizing it. Get started by scheduling your free consultation today!

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